Internet Branding and Advertising

  • Brand Awareness & Direct Response

    Display Advertising is a broad term that refers to ads that could contain image, text, video or other formats. Traditionally, banner ads on portal web sites were the mainstream. Nowadays, display ads could be very targeted and dynamic to help your business achieve multiple goals – from building brand awareness, generating leads, and growing revenue and customers.

  • Remarketing / Retargeting Ads

    Remarketing / retargeting ads are one of the most effective ways to increase leads and conversion on the web site. You can serve ads to visitors who have already been to your web site but not yet converted. With all your competitors’ web sites being just 1 click away from your potential customers, remarketing ads can help you target “hot leads” who have already shown interests in your brand.

  • Display Ad Targeting

    Contexual targeting is another effective way to generate brand awareness in a relevant and targeted way. You can show ads based on the content someone is consuming. For example, if your web site sells apparels, you can serve ads to leads who are reading about a brand (ie. Gap), or a silhouette (ie. Dress) or topics (ie. fashion week). With contextual targeting ads, your ads could show up to the right audience to grow brand awareness.