Database Building and Management

Larger profits and market share are your reward!

When it comes to Database Marketing SURV Media leads the industry. With over 30 years of experience we’re confident that you will value our expertise and methodologies. Our turnkey solution includes the specialized skills required to capture and clean customer data from multiple channels, delivering to you a highly useful, secure, and profitable database. With SURV Media Database Marketing your business will have the competitive edge in these four areas:

1. Collecting, Cleaning, and Managing Data.

Your customer database is in constant flux, fed by a myriad of channels that are highly diverse in form, source location, and even language. This data must be sorted, cleansed, standardized, updated and maintained constantly to eliminate waste and missed opportunities. Breakdowns here jeopardize the value of your entire database.

2. Gaining Insight through Analytics.

The keys to reaching prospects with the information and value that will turn them into loyal customers are found within the data. With SURV Media  Analysis, your marketing team will understand your customers’ essential characteristics, preferences, and buying patterns, including how much they spend, how and where they like to shop. You’ll develop an accurate profile of your best customers, and know exactly what to offer them to produce a desired response. The process is exceptionally precise and profitable.

Strong analytics will also improve integration of marketing activities with reference to brands and channels. Insight gained through each contact will be combined with econometric, demographic, and transactional data to develop the right budget and weight given to each media, producing the most effective marketing mix. The result will be optimal dialogue with, and response from, your marketing list. Only constant data mining and analysis of the expansive and diverse data will produce a coherent and accurate customer profile.

3. Planning and Executing Customer Communications Programs.

Turning insights into targeted customer communications, producing the greatest profits, involves combining direct and general marketing efforts to most effectively sync with your customers’ profiles. This is the traditional marketing sweet spot, and SURV Media’s comprehensive database marketing solutions allow our clients to put the right message in front of the right customer in way they prefer to receive them. That customized approach significantly increases customer loyalty and retention, expanding our clients’ market share and profits.

4. Measuring Response and Results.

Database marketing with SURV Media is a closed-loop process. It begins with available customer and prospect information. Then, through sales, service, and marketing programs across all customer interaction points, more information is gathered allowing our clients to fine-tune and constantly improve their marketing approach, and consequently their return on marketing investment. Armed with the ability to measure response, you can effectively personalize marketing and deliver communications bearing something which that specific customer will consider to be of value. They’ll welcome your communications, make use of what you offer, appreciate the value, and become a more loyal customer. Again, larger profits and market share are your reward.