Communications Management

Organizations today must be technologically engaged. The hardware, software and expertise required for successful database marketing is changing rapidly, and selecting a company that is keeping up with the latest available technologies will cause your business to surge ahead of the competition. Choosing the right partner for database marketing, communications management is becoming more and more critical and SURV Media’s turnkey solution is designed to get you in this game affordably and effectively.

By working with SURV Media smart business owners are repurposing in house marketing personnel as higher level analysts for more of a strategic marketing role, rather than having them micromanaging and executing the daily details of marketing activities. These are outsourced to companies with the infrastructure and expertise to make the most of the business’ acquired database. Turning raw data into marketable information requires a large investment, and utilization rate studies conclude that outsourcing makes the most sense. SURV Media has made that investment in the leading edge tools used in database marketing, and we stay up to date on every advance the would produce benefits for our clients. SURV Media delivers a completely customized, integrated, turnkey solution for strategic, data-driven marketing. Including all facets of:

Digital Marketing (E-mail, Internet, Social Media)
Direct Mail
Pre- and Post-campaign Analysis
Database Maintenance
Organic Database Growth