“Accu-SURV” Hyperlocal Advertising is our technology suite that targets a specific consumer audience.

By using Accu-SURV ads, your business can promote products and services to a highly targeted local audience in any specific geographic area.

Beginning in 2008, Google’s search results have shown maps and map listings (i.e., local business listings). Local searchers no longer have to add a city and state as part of their search terms. The search engines know the locale of the person searching from the computer’s IP address. Based on that locale, search engines will display local results first, before national. Websites identifying themselves for a specific geography will be included in the local results.

For many products and for many consumers, “all business is local.” This phrase applies not to just brick-and-mortar stores, but to local websites as well. Consumers use the web to research and make a purchase. They often prefer buying from local businesses, even if those businesses are online only. Regardless, for brick-and-mortar and online businesses, Accu-SURV advertising can focus on cities, neighborhoods, and even sections in neighborhoods. Over the past several years the increase in targeting options has continued to grow, now offering in addition to geographic selections, businesses can now target their offers using demographic, psychographic, and retargeting data.

Larger companies [advertisers] are now realizing the value of the Accu-SURV audience and beginning to see the same value local business’ have and the move towards Hyper Local will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.”  Paul Mazzapica Sr. CEO SURV Media

Benefits of Accu-SURV Hyper Local Advertising

For businesses that seek local customers, Accu-SURV advertising has the following benefits.

  • Lower cost with higher quality. Accu-SURV advertising tends to cost less because it targets a smaller more specific audience
  • Enhanced local audience targeting. Target consumers that you want as customers. Accu-SURV advertising has greater control over the audience. This allows you to create highly specialized, local ad messages. Reach your potential customers in a specific geographical area or multiple areas as big or small as you want. If, for example, you offer services or ship your products only to specific zip codes, cities, or states, you can optimize your campaigns to those areas. You can also target specific consumer segments with demographics, psychographics and even retargeting of keywords searches and website visits, and otherwise weed out disinterested consumers with negative keywords.
  • New customer acquisition. Accu-SURV ads have a better chance of reaching new consumers in your area, versus nationwide ads. These new shoppers can help create repeat sales.
  • Find your customers where they are. Our network of websites where we publish your ads on is extensive and where your customers are visiting everyday!
  • Instant Results. Although organic web marketing has a shelf life of years, it can take time to achieve. Most businesses simply do not have the time to wait for leads or sales. This is where Accu-SURV advertising can solve your short-term revenue needs. As soon as your advertising campaign goes live, your ads start appearing to your prospects. This is a good way to increase your revenue, or keep it steady, while your organic web marketing efforts build.
  • Measurable Results. Accu-Surv’s detailed provide you with a roadmap to success. The results are so measurable that we can see exactly what ad or part of an ad is
  • Separate yourself from your competition. Accu-Surv advertising is much more engaging than organic listings on a number of levels. For example, you can create an ad to take prospects to a video or specific offer. You can also place extensions in your ads that allow viewers to easily call you, see your location, sign-up for your newsletter, and several other possibilities. In competitive markets and in competitive business categories — attorneys, insurance, hair salons, restaurants — there can be hundreds of businesses trying to appeal to the same prospects. Using Accu-Surv you will be seen by your prospects and give them a path to doing business with you that gets you their business.